Thursday, August 16, 2007

My 18th Anniversary

July 29th is our anniversary. I had to look it up.

What!!! you say. Yes, we both forget the exact date of our anniversary.

For me, I guess, it is because I gave my heart and life to my husband before our wedding day. The ceremony was just the formality. It is a nice formality and brings closure to the process. Closure because it is a lifelong commitment.

For my husband, it is because he just doesn't remember those things. We also don't do Hallmark holidays so I think the brain just gets flushed of dates.

Anyway, to the good part. . .

When God took alcoholism from my husband about three years ago, he asked me to marry him again. I agreed. (What else was I going to do!)

Well, dates didn't work out and he wanted a catered affair. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Several Sundays ago, he asked me again. Spur of the moment. He had actually looked it up and spoke with Pastor about it. That Sunday our church family had a rockin' service, a baptism (YEAH!) and a wedding. WHEW!

To the even better part . . .

During the service, we had an altar call for healing. Most of the adult women were in the altar for healing or just praying for others. Our Lesley (12 yrs) came to the altar to pray with others. I didn't see her but that is not an unusual occurance.

One of the ministerial staff was speaking about his observances and called Lesley to the front of the church. He praised her for following the leading of the Holy Ghost and not thinking about what others would say (e.g. you're too young, it's not your job, etc.)

In response to Bro. Cadle, she said nothing but raised her hands and began praising the Lord, speaking in tongues. Her sisters immediately joined her. Soon there was a pile of young girls on their faces before the Lord! Oh, what a sight to see! The church began again to praise and worship our Lord and Master.

God is still so awsome!

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Peanut Butter Kisses said...

That was awesome to hear about! God is simply amazing!

Congratulations on your 18th anniversary!