Friday, June 22, 2007

4x4 catch up

Previous four years . . .

1. God saving my family.

2. Becoming a stay at home homeschooling parent.

3. God totally changing my life.

4. Getting a dog. (may not seem like much but I don't really like dogs.)

Next four years . . .

1. Becoming totally dependent on God.

2. Seeing friends and family saved.

3. Seeing some my children drive.

4. Becoming more like my parents. (Where did you get that from?!)

S'memes I'm behind . . .

I guess I should start with the first meme.

Thirty things that don't bother me:

1. OPK - Other people's kids in my home. If I don't like them, I can send them home.

2. Kids eating in the car. (This drives my DH nuts!)

3. Attending family reunions with people I'm related to but have no idea about.

4. Dirty clothes.

5. Messy but not dirty houses. (There is a difference!)

6. Situations I don't understand. I have learned that the outcome is up to HIM.

7. Waiting my turn.

8. Doing things the long way.

9. Opera and classical music.

10. Sharing clothes and shoes with my girls.

11. People who worship differently than I do.

12. Questions. Open season for sharing my opinion.

13. Mowing the lawn. (would trade the vacuuming though!)

14. Washing dishes. (got it from Grandma!)

15. People who don't speak/understand English.

16. High fines for parking in the handicapped spots. Just shouldn't be done unless you need it!

17. Thunderstorms.

18. Tornados. Sounds weird, I know, but grew up in tornado alley.

19. I'm with Heather . . . unmatched clothing. If it fits and it's clean. GO FOR IT!

20. Bare feet. My youngest takes her shoes off in church!

21. Dirty kids when they are done playing. You have to wonder if they aren't!

22. Spending all day at the pool.

23. Peanut butter and dog hair on the floor. (again, drives DH nuts!)

24. Shoveling snow.

25. Knotted yarn.

26. Bugs.

27. Napping.

28. Turning off the TV. (again, drives kids and DH nuts.)

29. DH - Randy :)

30. my girls :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Something just occurred to me . . .

The Bible says that God is God and He changes not.

We know that is true but some people have a hard time reconciling to that.

I think people who have a hard time with it don't realize that only our understanding of who He is changes. How I think about God now, after having a personal relationship with Him, is definitely different than before I really knew Him.

I am so glad He doesn't change!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Is God still amazing?


He still speaks in that still, small voice.

I was listening to a Phillips Craig & Dean CD that was fairly new. I had listened to this particular song several times and thought nothing of the lyrics. Until Jesus spoke.

The lyrics were that He sings all around us and we never hear a sound. He said to me, "My sheep know my voice." How can we know His voice if we never hear a sound?

I am so blessed to be able to hear His voice.