Friday, June 22, 2007

S'memes I'm behind . . .

I guess I should start with the first meme.

Thirty things that don't bother me:

1. OPK - Other people's kids in my home. If I don't like them, I can send them home.

2. Kids eating in the car. (This drives my DH nuts!)

3. Attending family reunions with people I'm related to but have no idea about.

4. Dirty clothes.

5. Messy but not dirty houses. (There is a difference!)

6. Situations I don't understand. I have learned that the outcome is up to HIM.

7. Waiting my turn.

8. Doing things the long way.

9. Opera and classical music.

10. Sharing clothes and shoes with my girls.

11. People who worship differently than I do.

12. Questions. Open season for sharing my opinion.

13. Mowing the lawn. (would trade the vacuuming though!)

14. Washing dishes. (got it from Grandma!)

15. People who don't speak/understand English.

16. High fines for parking in the handicapped spots. Just shouldn't be done unless you need it!

17. Thunderstorms.

18. Tornados. Sounds weird, I know, but grew up in tornado alley.

19. I'm with Heather . . . unmatched clothing. If it fits and it's clean. GO FOR IT!

20. Bare feet. My youngest takes her shoes off in church!

21. Dirty kids when they are done playing. You have to wonder if they aren't!

22. Spending all day at the pool.

23. Peanut butter and dog hair on the floor. (again, drives DH nuts!)

24. Shoveling snow.

25. Knotted yarn.

26. Bugs.

27. Napping.

28. Turning off the TV. (again, drives kids and DH nuts.)

29. DH - Randy :)

30. my girls :)


The Story Of Us........ said...

I'm with you on the Handicapped parking for sure! LOL

Loved it all. :-)

Peanut Butter Kisses said...

It was fun reading this meme! It did not occur to me that I could add my husband and kids to the things that don't bother! I'm glad they don't bother you either!

Looking forward to reading the next one!