Saturday, August 18, 2007

Funerals can be a blessing

My great uncle passed away earlier this week. He is no longer suffering and is at rest. My grandmother is now the only sibling left out of nine! She turned 94 (yes and completely healthy and living in her own home) last March.

She buried her baby brother today.

It is one of the few times I remember seeing her cry. I can count them on one hand and I am 41 years old!

Listening to his grandchildren and his children read his selections from the Bible and tell their memories of him gave me insight to a man I only saw once every year or so. He always greeted me with a smile and usually said "You're Carole's daughter, right?"

It is at these type of functions that people share their most precious, sometimes, private thoughts about others. I learned that some of my cousins are saved and have professed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I learned that my great uncle and grandmother end phone conversations in the same manner, "Thank you for this." I learned that even in death, your name is important. I heard the love professed that I had always felt. I learned that God's ways really do stand the test of families, time and sin.

My family is not perfect but it is what I know. I know more now than I did this morning.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Church Camp

We spent a lot of time at the church campgrounds this year. Randy and I working and the girls attending or just hanging out.

We had a blast but towards the end of the season, it becomes work.

I attended Deaf camp for the first time this season. My friend wanted me to sign but since I had never been I chickened out and went to watch instead. (BAHGAWK! I know!)

I have never seen a more wonderful display of the mercies of God! These precious saints, whom some people shun, are adored by the Lord! It was so humbling to see worship and pure hearts before Him.

It really made you think about the statement that God doesn't make mistakes or junk. These people, who are imperfect here on Earth, are here on purpose! They were put here for the same reason as the "perfect" people. WE ARE ALL HERE TO WORSHIP AND GLORIFY THE SAME MASTER!!!!

We sometimes get so stuck in our own problems and concerns, that we forget about the plights of others. He is merciful to give us the inspiration that we need.

Prayer you say!

We have a weekly ladies prayer group. We have met in people's homes for several years now.

We have fellowship and bear one another's burdens. Lots of healing and wisdom has come from this group.

One lady in particular continues to bless me. She is an elder in our congregation and has a wonderful testimony. She asks thought provoking questions and then reveals the answers that God has given her. The others do this too but she somehow gets to my heart.

I thank the Lord for my sister!

My 18th Anniversary

July 29th is our anniversary. I had to look it up.

What!!! you say. Yes, we both forget the exact date of our anniversary.

For me, I guess, it is because I gave my heart and life to my husband before our wedding day. The ceremony was just the formality. It is a nice formality and brings closure to the process. Closure because it is a lifelong commitment.

For my husband, it is because he just doesn't remember those things. We also don't do Hallmark holidays so I think the brain just gets flushed of dates.

Anyway, to the good part. . .

When God took alcoholism from my husband about three years ago, he asked me to marry him again. I agreed. (What else was I going to do!)

Well, dates didn't work out and he wanted a catered affair. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Several Sundays ago, he asked me again. Spur of the moment. He had actually looked it up and spoke with Pastor about it. That Sunday our church family had a rockin' service, a baptism (YEAH!) and a wedding. WHEW!

To the even better part . . .

During the service, we had an altar call for healing. Most of the adult women were in the altar for healing or just praying for others. Our Lesley (12 yrs) came to the altar to pray with others. I didn't see her but that is not an unusual occurance.

One of the ministerial staff was speaking about his observances and called Lesley to the front of the church. He praised her for following the leading of the Holy Ghost and not thinking about what others would say (e.g. you're too young, it's not your job, etc.)

In response to Bro. Cadle, she said nothing but raised her hands and began praising the Lord, speaking in tongues. Her sisters immediately joined her. Soon there was a pile of young girls on their faces before the Lord! Oh, what a sight to see! The church began again to praise and worship our Lord and Master.

God is still so awsome!