Friday, October 31, 2008

This is really exciting!!!!!!!

Sense & Sensibility has EPATTERNS!!!! No waiting! Sew and go!

Please use the above link or the link above my flowerfall picture to reach them directly.

I have used their regular patterns before. Very well done on heavy paper with explicit and easy to follow instructions for garment construction. Will be trying the electronic versions soon!!!

I can't wait until I get a new digital camera!!! Maybe for Christmas. Then I can share pictures with you!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Body and Soul

This from Paul Burrell at Shepherd's Hill. He challenged me with this message. Apologetics needs to be on my list of priorities.


The Spiritual and the Physical

Greetings to all and welcome again to the Homechurch message of the week. We are looking at the Bible this week and various aspects of it. I trust that you are ready so let’s go!

As people of God we recognize this Book as being inspired and supernatural. But, have you ever wondered why many people laugh and scoff when you try to share it with them? They seem to have opinions already formed regarding the Holy Bible’s validity. And yet, we who have studied it have found that the more we study, the greater validity it has. It is a remarkable book that has endured for generations. It was written by forty different men living during a 1500 year time span. Most of these never knew one another. And yet, it is in total agreement and is inerrant (no errors in it). We who have met Jesus as Lord and Savior know that He is real and His Word is real. So why do you suppose this great book is overlooked by most?

I was thinking about how we display the Word of God to people. When we are asked what is in the Bible do we give them the whole picture? Let me explain further so you will see what I am talking about today. If we try and tell someone what is in God’s Word we probably share stories about the fall of man, Jesus’ redemption, the moral teachings (such as the Ten Commandments), etc. After thinking about this and why people don’t accept it I concluded that they don’t think it’s valid because of supposed “facts” taught today in our education system today.

Have you ever had someone question where Cain got his wife? Or has someone ever asked you about how Jonah could live for three days in the belly of a whale? There is so much physical evidence in God’s Word that we never focus on. We always talk about the spiritual moral lessons. Did you know that many modern day preachers teach that Jonah did not really live in a whale for three days and that the world wasn’t really created in six days simply because they don’t think there is enough scientific evidence? I have even heard stories made up to try and help defend what God said. These stories were only proven to be lies and it made the Bible look false.

Let’s look at creation itself, just to begin with. Many years ago I sat under the teaching of a man who spent weeks showing that there was a pre-Adamic race of men who lived between verses one and two of Genesis chapter one. I have since learned that this is called the Gap Theory and it is a way to try and make the Bible fit what unbelieving scientists teach about the world being billions of years old. Have you ever noticed that in the first grade of our schools children know about dinosaurs? They always can tell you that they lived “billions of years ago” I don’t have a problem with dinosaurs (Barney the dinosaur is fun) but I don’t believe they lived billions of years ago. This is simply a way that our society is brainwashing our children at a young age. In Montana the scientists have a bone from a T Rex that has red blood cells in it. If this fossil was that old how did the cells survive?

All over the world there are cave drawings and mosaics depicting animals that look just like the dinosaurs we know of. These are not dated to be pre-historic. By the way, where did that word come from? There is nothing pre-historic as God made it all and described it in His Word.

You see, the only reason that scientists have to say that the world is billions of years old is that they cannot make evolution work out in a six-thousand year time-span. The formula only works if you add billions of years of time so that by some chance slime turned into man (Evolution = From goo- to you through the zoo). If we as Christians are trying to mix the two philosophies we will end up with a lie. Back to the gap theory, many well-meaning people try to fit the long expanses of time in to fit what worldly scientists say. In Genesis chapters one and two God explains how He created the world. Moses is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible (known as the Pentateuch). He had direct contact with God for many years in leading the Hebrew people. God gave Moses everything we read.

Why do we try and re-interpret the Bible for the sake of the world? I think it’s because we don’t understand real facts of science. Just like the facts about red blood cells in dinosaur bones I mentioned, there are many other proofs in science that verify the Bible’s facts. In fact, the Bible had many facts before people discovered them. Man once thought that if a person was ill they had bad blood. They would then bleed them to help them recover. Of course we know this to be foolishness but the leading physicians in George Washington’s time thought this and they bled him to death. The Bible clearly says that life is in the blood (Deut 12:23).

Once doctors realized that the life was in the blood and learned how to give blood transfusions to people they still would not give blood from one race to another. The Bible’s genealogy shows that we all came from Noah and his three sons and ultimately back to Adam. Evolutionists teach that some races are lower on the evolutionary scale than others. If you don’t believe this look at the complete title of Charles Darwin’s book. It has been shortened to what you know today to avoid controversy. But the original title is “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. Notice that phrase “favored races”. His book was to show that some races were higher than others. Many prominent men fell for this nonsense. One most notably was Adolph Hitler. He thoroughly believed that it was true and that the Jewish people were less than human. He had no problem in trying to annihilate them.

So again, God’s word is good and true and man’s theory is false and destructive. Look at archeology. There are many places in the Bible mentioned that tell exactly where a river or a city was located. Archeologists have never found one site that wasn’t exactly where God told us it existed. Sometimes archeologists try to prove something is false because they have not seen it or touched it. In my lifetime several men declared that David was not a real person and said he was a myth. They described him as being like King Arthur or Robinhood. They wanted physical evidence before they would believe. And God sent it. In 1994 a stone tablet was uncovered that mentioned the City of David. Then in 2005 King David’s palace was uncovered. Jesus said that if praise was withheld from Him then the stones would cry out! (Luke 19:40)

What about the animal kingdom? God has listed that every animal was created after his kind (Gen 7:14) and saved in Noah’s ark. We do not see any fossil record of a single animal in transition from one type to another. How about stars? The early astronomer Galileo believed that the earth revolved around the sun because the Bible told him so (Job 9:6) The Catholic church held Galileo as wrong and labeled him a heretic. Modern scientists now know what the Bible said thousands of years ago.

How do we know scientifically that the world is not billions of years old? There are many scientific facts that prove it. In my lifetime man has been to the moon and back. I remember as a young man keeping up with the space program and was extremely engaged in it. I read every magazine and book I could find on it. I knew the names of every astronaut and mission and what there goal was. One fact I remember back then was that there was a great controversy as to the depth of the dust on the moon. Some of the scientists who thought the universe was billions of years old calculated that the dust on the moon would be so deep that the lunar Lander would have sunk when it landed. They, of course, only had a couple of inches of dust when they arrived.

Another fact is that since the world’s revolution speed is slowing down each year we can back up the calculations and see something. If we back up a mere six thousand years we have no problem. But if we back it up millions of years it would be spinning too fast for anything to survive (a time when supposed pre-historic man existed).

One of the main topics scientists use to try and disprove the Bible is the fossil record. Because some tree or animal is fossilized they feel that it took millions of years for it to happen. This does not explain the red blood cells mentioned above or some other interesting facts. Have you ever seen an animal die on the highway? When you go by that spot next week, what happened to the carcass? If the scavengers haven’t gotten to it, the carcass will probably be decomposed somewhat. In four weeks it will be completely gone. How do you suppose that all of the animals and trees were fossilized? Fish have been found fossilized while eating another fish. Scientists believe that each rock layer is an age of the earth. And yet, there have been found trees standing straight up through several of the layers, petrified. I have a theory on this, too.

My theory is that God sent a massive flood on the earth. In an extremely short time, mud flowed across plants and animals and buried them. These were fossilized and we find them today. It would explain why sea creature fossils are found inland of many continents. Don’t let someone tell you that it takes millions of years for fossils to form. Search the web after reading this message and see if you can find the picture of a fossilized clock and hat.

Every time you fill your gas tank you should be reminded of the flood, Noah, God’s judgment and God’s mercy. You see, that layer of petroleum came from every living thing that died during the great catastrophe we read about in the Holy Bible.

In my lifetime (about fifty years) we have gone from teaching evolution as theory and the Bible as fact to the opposite. And yet, the Grand Old Book still survives. It has yet to be proven wrong of its facts. Every unknown thing in the Bible is being known. The rocks are crying out! God is true and man is a liar.

In closing, I want to go back to my original point. We always seem to share the spiritual facts with those that we witness to. Why not share the physical facts as well? They are also true. These are the ones that people don’t know and claim makes the Bible in error. Knowing the truth will set them free! You need to find out about Biblical science. Spend some time this week studying the sites I have linked below. They show much more than I ever could. May the Lord Bless you today!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been tagged.

Thanks Shelly!

Seven random or weird things about me.

1. I can take raw wool, clean it, spin it, knit or crochet it and wear it.

2. I hate to vacuum. (Thus no carpeting in the main floor of our home!)

3. I like to shovel snow.

4. I don't wear pants.

5. I wish I could sign better than I do.

6. I'm with Annie. I can't listen to people chew either. Can't stand it!

7. I wish I didn't have to work outside my home.

Maybe not so random or weird, but it's what I've got.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After several days of testing and great progress, Dana is going home.

Complete recovery is possible but not there yet. She is still in need of intense prayer.

Thanks to those of you who have and still are praying.


Sunday, October 5, 2008


Have you ever felt like you are just treading water or waiting for the other shoe to drop?

It just eats at you and makes you tired, mentally. I believe that mental exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion. Sleep doesn't fix it. Food doesn't fix it. Chocolate doesn't even fix it.

Only God can fix it, if you let HIM.

I know that in my head.

I know that in my heart.

But the combination of the two has yet to get it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Please pray.

Dana Trachsel collapsed at church last Sunday.

She shouldn't be here.

But by the grace of God she is in the 2% of people that survive the kind of attack she had.

Please pray for her and her family; Steve and 2 very young children.

She is recovering at Beaumont but not out of the woods by any means.