Saturday, June 29, 2013

God's Gifts

In Romans 11:29, God’s Word says His gifts and calling are without repentance. He wants everyone to be in His kingdom. When we answer his call, then we can receive His gifts.

What are the gifts of the Spirit? They are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, prophecy, discerning spirits, tongues and interpretation.

Those kinds of gifts are not for me. Why not? God is no respecter of persons. God will equip you if he has truly given you that gift. We are all the same under the blood. His Word says to seek the best gifts. He doesn’t say that they will be wrapped in pink and blue packages. His plan for your life is specifically for you. It is still your choice whether you participate in His plan or not. But, His perfect plan will come to fruition with or without you.

To truly participate in His plan, you must accept the gifts that are meant for you; even if it is the equivalent of an awful handknit sweater from Great Aunt Vondola. You must learn to appreciate it and use it. His gifts are not necessarily what we want. They are meant for our good and the good of the church, not for our comfort. They are meant to be tools to do the work of the kingdom.

Some people have misconceptions that the gifts of God will all be wonderful, glamorous or something that we desire. Some people are appalled to learn otherwise. They try to give them back.

I’m not worthy. No, you’re not. I’m not strong enough. I am made perfect in weakness. It’s impossible. All things are possible with Christ. I don’t want to! Too bad! God’s gifts and calling are without repentance. They are still yours.

But aren’t women to be silent in church. If you are whining, gossiping, backbiting and interrupting, YES. If you are called, anointed and submitted, NO.

What we need to realize is that God will use ANY willing, orderly vessel. He said that if we are not obedient in praise that inanimate rocks will cry out in our place. What will happen if we are not obedient in accepting and using our gifts? Glory will be misdirected. Souls will be lost; our own included. Especially if we use what we think will get us by. Depart from me. I never knew you.

But how do I know what my gifts are? You mean I am getting more than one? It is plural gifts and singular calling. The calling is to His kingdom. The gifts are the tools to save you and all who come in contact with you.

Read the Word. Pray. Listen to the still, small voice.

Really? Yes, really. This is not a game. This a Heaven or Hell issue. If you know to do good and do it not; it is sin.

Sin will kill you and all who come in contact with you. The only thing that will save you and all who come in contact with you is obedience.

Will you stumble? Yes. Will you fall short? We all do. Are we still redeemable? Yes. We will be redeemed if we are sold out to God and seeking to please Him by using what tools He has given us.

Is it worth it? Even when you don’t feel like it?

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Ellen Conn Taylor
November 2012