Thursday, August 16, 2007

Church Camp

We spent a lot of time at the church campgrounds this year. Randy and I working and the girls attending or just hanging out.

We had a blast but towards the end of the season, it becomes work.

I attended Deaf camp for the first time this season. My friend wanted me to sign but since I had never been I chickened out and went to watch instead. (BAHGAWK! I know!)

I have never seen a more wonderful display of the mercies of God! These precious saints, whom some people shun, are adored by the Lord! It was so humbling to see worship and pure hearts before Him.

It really made you think about the statement that God doesn't make mistakes or junk. These people, who are imperfect here on Earth, are here on purpose! They were put here for the same reason as the "perfect" people. WE ARE ALL HERE TO WORSHIP AND GLORIFY THE SAME MASTER!!!!

We sometimes get so stuck in our own problems and concerns, that we forget about the plights of others. He is merciful to give us the inspiration that we need.

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