Thursday, June 19, 2008

Want to Attract More Attention . . .

to your blog or your business site? Check out Zookoda.

Zookoda is an unique way for bloggers to promote their sites to their audience and beyond.
You can use the cool options available to you to notify your regular readers that you have posted new and interesting info on your blog. This gives your posts the power to reach your audience faster!

Does this replace your current RSS feed? No, but it allows you the control of pushing the info to your readers rather than waiting for them to open the RSS door. Zookoda uses this current technology too.

What do you mean its for BLOGGERS?!! I could use this for my business too! Sure you can!!

So, you don't blog. That's OK. Zookoda can handle your sales traffic too. So you have big news to tell your customers. You can set up to alert your customers about your cool new product or service.

So, how does Zookoda work? You use your feed address, choose your template or make your own and Zookoda does the rest. Once you are satisfied with your template and have made the appropriate changes, you can schedule your broadcasts.

So, how often should you broadcast? It's all up to you. How often do you post? How often do you want to have your blog or company in front of your audience? Again, it's all up to you.

So, have I asked enough questions to get you interested yet? Check out Zookoda and it's unique approach to promoting your blog or company.

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