Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gotta Love Those Pants!


Dockers San Francisco is sponsoring a Dockers contest for people like you and me to create independent commercials. Some have submitted their video clips to the Dockers contest. Check it out! There are several really innovative clips with peoples thoughts and ideas. Take a look at the videos chosen for the finalists. Watch these and vote for your favorite. The Grand Prize Winner will be chose next week!

Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting clips has passed. Support those who did make the deadline and made it to the finalist stage by voting for your favorite.

Dockers are meant to be worn by all. They are the epitome of comfort and classic looks. Check out their styles for work, weekend, dress and golf. For men, they have bermudas and polos for the golf course, slacks and sweaters for the weekend and slacks and jackets for the office or theater. For the ladies they have lovely dresses for evening and stylish capris for chasing the kids or running to the store.

If you don't have access to Dockers in your area, check out their online store. I'm sure you will find something to suit your fancy (or unfancy!).

Don't forget to vote for your favorite! Gotta Love Those Pants!

Sponsored by Dockers

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