Thursday, May 15, 2008

SocialSpark is Live!

IZEA has created another site for the blogging community.

SocialSpark is similar to PayPerPost in that paid opportunities are available. (Like the one I am doing now!) One of the changes made on this site are the SPARK opportunities. Sparks allow anyone to create advertising for whatever they feel is a worthy cause. I recently found a Spark to encourage a family who is going through a bought of cancer. What an innovative way to promote reaching out to help.

In looking through the users and blogs, I have found GreenMe. I was intrigued with her approach to the Veggie Challenge. I also agree with her approach to treating our planet the way God intended for us to keep it. She also had a link for the push powered reel lawn mowers your grandparents used. I love that!

Here is my profile, HISchild. Take a look but you are already reading here!

The avenues for meeting new friends around the world are almost endless on SocialSpark. You can request friendships, browse profiles and read other blogs. I am amazed at the amount of opportunities available to meet other and create a web presence on almost any topic you like.

One thing to remember is that this venture is in Beta stage and is not without its quirks. Customer Love responds quickly and professionally. I am confident that things will improve.

Check it out for yourself. Creating a profile is free. You can apply for the money making opportunities or create an advertising opportunity of your own. See where SocialSpark takes you.

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