Monday, October 8, 2007

You (did/saw) THAT!

I have been tagged for 20 things that I have done, seen or experienced that I think that most people have not.

Here goes . . .

1. Have been to Ireland

2. Have been through the Waterford Glass Factory

3. Have kissed the Blarney Stone

4. Have inherited a 150 year old family spinning wheel that I could use today if it had all the

5. Can take a raw sheep fleece, clean it, prep it, spin it, knit it and wear it

6. Can sew my own clothes

7. Have parents (42 years in Nov.) and grandparents (67 years in May) that are still married

8. Have been married for 18 years to the same person

9. Have seen your first born wheeled away in an isolette and taken to another hospital

10. Have had all your children delivered by your OB/GYN's partner

11. Have a special needs child

12. Have homeschooled children

13. Have received an iron for a present

14. Have tended bar

15. Have dumped a pizza and lemonade down the front of a jukebox

16. Have worked on construction sites

17. Have painted a friend's family room while my husband jumped from a plane

18. Have been really drunk less than 5 times

19. Have received the Holy Ghost

20. Have forgiven and been forgiven

WOW! I realized that this is a pretty diverse list. I am so glad that we are all unique and the same experiences that I may have in common with you have affected me differently than you.

I thank God for all these things, both good and bad, because without them I would not be who I am.


The Story Of Us........ said...

Where were you when he jumped from that plane? Why were you painting... I'm confused! LOL

HISchild said...

I wasn't going to go and WATCH! And I wasn't going to stay around and wait for the state police to come and tell me he was splat on M26!


The Story Of Us........ said...


Well, that makes sense! LOL

I think...

Especially since my hubby actually did witness what you feared to see. His dad was a parachuter and one day at the airport a man had a heart attack and died in mid-air. No chute no nothing... Very sad.

Peanut Butter Kisses said...

I would have done the same thing that you least, I think. Well, nevermind, I don't enjoy painting at all so I would have been somewhere else doing something that wasn't painting instead of watching or waiting for the police to tell me the horrible news. My husband knows how I feel on this matter and fortunately for me, he hasn't pursued that little notion!

Kristina said...

Hmmm. This is what my husband does for a living! I tell him I don't want to know when he's jumping, just to come home and tell me how great it was.