Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A quandry . . .

Because I am a homeschooling mom, I belong to several homeschooling groups online.

Because I am Apostolic, I signed up for an Apostolic homeschooling group. This list usually posts news items about problems in public schools and pointing out all the negative things that reach the press these days. This practice has bothered me from the beginning but I was hoping to glean info from other Oneness parents regarding our common endeavors.

Last week another member of the group asked why there was no constructive posts regarding homeschooling. The moderator of the group promptly deleted her post, put the group on moderated postings and probably axed that member from the group. She posted a nasty note regarding membership containing the words "don't let the door hit you as you leave"!

I usually let people who behave that way alone. But because she is a professing Apostolic Christian, I can't believe that she reacted that way. I have tried to rebuke her before but she doesn't receive correction very well.

My quandry is should I rebuke her again or just quietly leave?

I keep thinking that these attitudes get passed on. I would never want my children to treat people who have differing opinions that way.

What do you say?


The Mom With Brownies (The story of us) said...

Woo Wee.. This is probably something deeply carved into the moderator's personality. I'm not sure that rebuking here would help but it might be one more thought for her to carry in her journey to become a better Christian.

You could start your own Apastolic group. :-)

Peanut butter and sticky kisses said...

I'm not sure that I would continue to be a part of that group simply from the aspect that even though in some areas they are of like mind...the heart (you know that saying: whatever is in the heart, the mouth will speak and that includes your actions too)seems to be doing more harm than good.

If you are considering leaving, I would just send her a note explaining your reason without being attacking and at that point, make my exit. In my experience, when you come across attacking, the ears don't hear and since you've already let her know how you've felt in the past, she already knows what you are thinking anyway.

I'm with Shelly....you should start your own group!

HISchild said...

Thanks for the input! Not sure I want to start a group?!!

Aleah said...

What sites are there? Can you give them to me?

HISchild said...

Aleah -

The sites referred to are for parents homeschooling their own children or discussing issues related to deciding to homechurch.

Do you have specific questions I might be able to answer?