Saturday, November 12, 2011


We all have inherent power. It is how we choose to use that power for which we are remembered.

Sister Regina asked what virtue was in a married ladies lunch. I remembered that Jesus said that virtue had left him when the woman with the issue of blood touched him. It must be something tangible; something that is felt. It is that power and value that God breathed into us when he gave us life.

Let’s look at how Biblical women choose to use their power.

Sarai used her power to influence her husband to get what she thought she wanted. When she gave Hagar to Abram, Hagar’s view of Sarai changed. Sarai forever hated the son of her handmaid.

Hannah desperately wanted a child. She could have hated Peninnah and been jealous but it wasn’t recorded that way. She poured her heart to God and was rewarded not only with the continued devotion of her husband but with a son.

The Samaritan woman at the well didn’t know Jesus. How do you think she felt when Jesus asked her to bring her husband forward? She left and told the city of the Messiah.

Mary sought Jesus out. She gave him all that she had. The disciples scoffed at the waste but Jesus gave her an eternal memorial.

What happens when we use that power outside of the framework of God? What about in his perfect will?

Lemuel’s mother said that a virtuous woman’s price is far above rubies. Why?; because it costs us our flesh to live that way. Most women won’t pay that price.

How do we begin to pay that price? We have an encounter with Jesus. We choose to repent of what we know at that time to be wicked. We choose to continue to follow HIM and continue to change our wicked ways as we learn of them. We ask for forgiveness and mean it. We forgive ourselves and mean it.

What happens when we choose not to pay the price? We left out of God’s family and disinherited. We lead others astray instead of to HIM. We live in torture; both here on Earth and forever.

My boss thinks that God made a mistake giving us free will. I don’t agree. It is how we are tried and proven as gold. It is our chance to inherit HIS power.

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