Monday, June 13, 2011

Have you ever . . .

had that feeling of panic when someone asked you to speak at an important function?

My Mom asked me to say the prayer for Daddy's funeral. Mom doesn't go to church and doesn't believe what I believe.

I prayed about what to say and nothing came. I kept praying and still nothing. I was at a ladies' retreat and part of the message came. During a service in my church, the message came flowing including what had been given at the ladies' retreat. I was writing furiously during the alter call. Sister Leaman came to me and asked if I was alright. I told her what was going on and continued to write. Later, I gave her the prayer to read. She said not to change a thing. So I emailed it to Mom.

I waited. I knew she was busy so I waited some more. About 10 days went by and I hadn't heard a thing. So I called her. She said "I've read it through 4 times and cried every time." She only had one small change.

So I tried saying it out loud before a test audience. The Monday night prayer group cried with me and said not to change a thing. One of my friends heard it over the phone and said not to change a thing.

One of the ladies that hasn't attended long thanked me for sharing it because she too had recently lost a loved one.

The Thursday before Daddy's interment, my prayer request was that this prayer reach someone at his service.

My aunts, sisters and several of my parents' friends all thanked me for what I shared and said that really helped them.

I just realized that my prayer request had already been answered before I even made it.

God is still good even if we don't like our situation. Situations and circumstances do not make HIM less worthy.

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