Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pioneeringly Peculiar

Yesterday was a day of firsts.

I made meringue for the first time. It was actually a Pavlova; sweetened egg white baked to crispy marshmallowy goodness.

I canned green beans from our garden.

I made homemade dill/garlic pickles.

I successfully pressure canned and didn't blow up my kitchen.

I hosted our ladies prayer (not a first) too.

They were all shocked that I had done all that in one day. I began to think about why they reacted the way the did.

One reason might be they are all older than I am by at least 15 years.

One reason might be that most people don't can anymore.

One reason might be that most people in the city don't garden anymore.

One reason might be that most women my age are working outside the home.

One reason might be that it was hot and humid here yesterday. And our air is out!

I began to look at myself. I am a very driven individual. I am only competitive with myself, however. I enjoy the old ways, the roads less traveled.

I am a peculiar person. Not for any of the above reasons though. But because God said that His chosen people would be that way.

I'm off to sew a dress for someone else.

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You know, there's just something about that Love Thing that makes for a peculiar person too. hmm... There's something a little more interesting about that person who laughs, shares and loves everyone around them. That's why you attract so many wonderful friends! :o)